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Lab Members

Students and Postdocs

Graduate Students

Manuel Florez        2013Present MIT – PhD Student         Intermediate-depth earthquakes   

Ismael Moyano      2017Present UNAL – PhD Student      Potential Fields in Cratonic Areas   

Nathalia Jaimes     2018-Present UNAL – MSc Student      Seismic interferometry in Buildings   

Daniel Martinez     2018-Present UNAL – MSc Student      Relocation methods in NW South America  


Aurelien Mordret  2018-Present (MIT)

Chen Gu                 2018-Present (MIT)

Undergraduate Students

Sofía Cubillos         2019 (UNAL)      Repeating earthquakes in the Bucaramanga Nes

Former Lab Members

Graduate Students

Manuel Florez    2010-2012 (MSc. U. de los Andes)    Now a PhD Candidate at MIT


Piero Poli            2017-2019 (MIT)       Now UGF Researcher at ISTerre, U. Grenoble (webpage)

Kevin Chao        2017-2019 (MIT)       Now Data Scientist at Northwestern (webpage)

William Frank   2018-2019 (MIT)       Now Assistant Professor, U. Southern California (webpage)

Undergraduate Students

Albert Aguilar       2019 (UNAL)             Now Graduate Student Stanford University (webpage)

Julian Paez             2018 (UNAL)       

Juan D. Romero    2018 (UNAL)

Andrés F. Peña      2013 (Uniandes)         Now PhD Student at McGill University, Canada